Sprucing Up your Garage Floor

While most garage floors are simply concrete with a smooth finish, there are several ways to spruce it up, especially if you are working in there or have turned the garage into a hideaway for yourself. No one wants to stare at boring old concreate all the time anyway. Your garage actually has a number of upgrades that can be grouped into two camps: coating and covering.

How can you cover?

Covering is when you cover the garage floor typically with a tile or a mat, and most of the coverings are specifically made for garage floors. Garage floor tiles can either be rigid, plastic and rubbery, or made of wood. Which type of tile you choose depends on how you want the floor to look and feel. The mats work the same way, with different materials and styles.

garage floor epoxy.

If you want to turn the garage into a personal workout spot, then a workout mat will do just fine, where a nice doormat can help catch the stains your shoes leave if you work outside.

Coating with epoxy

For coatings, you can either paint the concreate using paint to cover up any oil or grease stains, but if you want to make your garage look tough and nice looking then you need some garage floor epoxy. Epoxy is a coating that adds some protection to your garage floor, acting like a shield against scuff marks and stains. Applying the coating is a lot like applying paint, and you can buy kits and instruction manuals at the local hardware store.

If you want to make the epoxy, which is traditionally grey or brown, a little more colorful, you can even add in color chips for a unique look and texture. Then just follow the instructions and soon you’ll have a great looking garage floor.